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Hi! I'm Mel, and this is my tumblr for anything and everything.

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No True Scotsman →


I’m an atheist.

No … no no, please come back. Stay with me to the end. I have a point here, I promise.

Being an atheist wasn’t exactly a choice I made; it was more like a realization I came to, eventually. I realized I didn’t believe, and despite exploration and thought…

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Emblem commissions! →



For $50 USD I will draw you a full colour emblem style illustration of a character of your choosing! All you need to do is provide me with a character and items that represent them. If you want a certain colour scheme or anything else specific, just let…

Loppi is AMAZING and was one of my most major influences in digital art growing up, and she’s been an amazing friend, go go go this is a sweet deal for her super good art!!!

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As you can see I can’t make anything nice without a laptop with the software I’m used to, or has the tablet driver installed. That’s because I frequently borrow my mom’s laptop, which she needs for her job, especially now.

I need internet access as well because of my classes, and my time is becoming very rushed and stressful because we both need to meet very similar deadlines.

I need to make around 50 bucks to get a replacement screen so I can go back to freely using it for class, work, and fun. Not to mention my home life can get very stressful and my laptop is very important to me as it’s one of my best sources of comfort, for whenever I can’t leave.

SO, working with what I’ve got, I’m opening up ink sketch commissions for $10 each. They will be done with a limited palette, much like the examples above.

You may contact me through tumblr or my email at gottykoby at

Thank you.

Update: I’ve run into more trouble. Not only do I have two more payments to make, it’s also getting close to the due date of the payment for my classes, and now I suspect my phone was stolen. I’ve just run out of money and will likely have to rely on credit cards to get by until next week, and I’m already in enough debt as it is.

Any kind of help would be fantastic, even if it’s just reblogging it. As much as I’d hate to ask for donations, it’s starting to get overwhelming and all my due dates are close together and I have almost no means of help. If you happen to want to spare anything, even a dollar, I would be really grateful.

I’m sorry about this, it’s just gotten really bad all of a sudden and I had no time to control it.

Update: Because of the fact I don’t have much time I’m lowering the prices to $6. They can be a simple portrait or doodle of a simplistic character, like funny animals, pokemon, characters like Kirby, Pac-Man, etc…

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What the f*** :| ughhh yeah this is why I tend to dread taxi driver conversations.

What the f*** :| ughhh yeah this is why I tend to dread taxi driver conversations.

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Hello! #beach #travel #minsanlangpagbigyan

Hello! #beach #travel #minsanlangpagbigyan

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What’s up? #sculpture #fun #casasanmiguel

What’s up? #sculpture #fun #casasanmiguel

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if you had to drop out of a class you are not a failure

if you had to take time off school you are not a failure

if you had to leave school for good you are not a failure

your worth is not determined by academia and this goes doubly so for disabled people and others for whom school is set against them

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I got my nails doneeee. (Because as much as I try, I’m terrible at removing in-grown toenails on my own.) #pedicure #nailpolish #purple

I got my nails doneeee. (Because as much as I try, I’m terrible at removing in-grown toenails on my own.) #pedicure #nailpolish #purple

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Don't be silent! Things you can do about GamerGate →


I have spoken to a lot of people in the games industry who are frustrated about GamerGate but shaky on the prospect of speaking out themselves; they’re worried about receiving death threats, or drawing unwanted attention to their employer, or just overextending themselves…

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Aiken made me fresh french fries aw yeah! #food #fries #potatoes

Aiken made me fresh french fries aw yeah! #food #fries #potatoes

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